Coaching in english

The Coaching Laden is a business that aims to support your personal and professional development. With our solution focused and systemic approach based on empathy and trust, we enable profound personal and professional growth and support you to live, love and work the way you want. We offer single- and team coachings in German and English and regularly hold lectures and various workshops. We work at the Coaching Laden, in your company or alternatively at premises of your choice. We also provide supervision classes for coaches and offer ongoing courses on different coaching tools for both coaches and other professionals. An offer exclusive to the Coaching Laden is: Coaching at the sea in Spain.

How coaching works

You can book an initial session (pre-talk/ 30 min/ free of charge) to meet us, find out whether coaching is suitable to your needs and then decide whether to enter the coaching process. A coaching session usually lasts 90 minutes and costs between 170-190 € (VAT excl.). These sessions are tailored to your personal needs and your current matter of concern. A coaching process typically encompasses 4-10 sessions and we see clients usually every two weeks. Our coaching approach is based on the assumption that you are the expert of your life and thus able to find solutions to your questions. We encourage you in taking responsibility for your own happiness and support you in making the changes that lead to greater fulfillment. Find out more about us: arrange an appointment or send us an Email.

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